Removing The Background From An Image

Have you ever had that perfect selfie or picture that you felt was the best one, but you just couldn't stand having the background attached to it? I know I have and that is actually what got me interested in learning about Photoshop in the first place.

What Is Background Removal?

Background removal is simply separating the foreground color (the image) from the background color to an extent where the background is invisible. Luckily, we can resolve this issue in Photoshop. 
Now there are several ways we can remove the background from a picture in Adobe Photoshop. If you remembered from one of my previous posts, I explained what foreground and background coloring does and now we're about see how that ties into removing backgrounds.

Magic Eraser and Tolerance

To start off, we'll have to open an image and for this demonstration we'll be using a picture of a blimp from Pixabay. Like I said, there are a variety of ways we can delete the background and what we’re going to do here today is using the magic eraser tool.

The magic eraser tool does exactly what you would might expect; it changes the background to transparent. One thing we want to make note of is that if we look up at the top taskbar you will see an option called tolerance. 
This is used to measure the thickness of the eraser and with it you'll be able to erase pixels quicker. I tend to keep this setting around 15 to 20 pixels.

Another thing I want to mention is that you can use the zoom tool to make sure that we get any background pixels that may still be lingering. 
For pictures with white backgrounds you can just go to the layer tab then layer style/blending options and change the slider for "This Layer" to 254. This will make the background transparent also, but it only works for images with white backgrounds.
What makes the magic eraser tool so special is that it's able to detect wherever there are edges in an image and removes the pixels close enough without clipping any of the edges around the picture. Below is the final result of the background completely removed:

Thank you for reading.
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