Five Tips To Help Preserve Phone Battery Life

Ever get that feeling that your phone's battery drains out too quickly? You could be on your phone for a few hours and then look up and it's already at 5 percent. What gives? This happens way too often for many of us and we often scramble quickly to charge them. Sometimes it could be the result of having to many apps playing in the background or maybe you accidentally turned on notifications for an app and just forgot to turn it off.

From my perspective, I currently sport an iPhone X and I used to have to charge my phone every 4 hours! However, if you own a Samsung, you typically won't have this issue on a daily basis, but you could still find yourself having to recharge. 

So whether you use a Samsung, iPhone, or any other phone by the end of this post you'll be able to implement these tricks to help keep your phone running a little longer than usual.

1) Decrease screen brightness: Believe it or not, lowering the brightness settings can actually save battery life on your phone overtime. In this day and age, we're all glued to our phones and getting the best view of the story is absolutely necessary. At 100% brightness, your phone uses more power than it normally would and it also takes a toil on the phone's processor. Combine that with hot weather and there's very good chance the phone could overheat! So the next time your at work or really busy, be sure to keep to bring the brightness setting down to the lowest setting possible.

2) Turn off any unwanted notifications: Having too many notifications on from unused apps all at one time can run up your phone's processor too and as a result affect battery life. Also, giving apps access to your location and allowing them to process data in the background can be a nightmare for battery usage as well. You'll typically do this within your system settings and while there locate the apps consuming the most battery life.

3) Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular: Data is being transmitted and transferred throughout your phone even if you only use one of these. Turning each of these features off will take you will go a long way in conserving battery. In addition, try using airplane mode as this will disconnect you from all three of these options automatically. 

There are several benefits for using airplane mode on your phone when it is not in use, such as: faster charging, limited disturbances from incoming callers, and a longer lasting battery. Airplane mode is my personal favorite because it really comes in handy when I'm on the go. Therefore, whenever you need to preserve every little ounce of battery life you have left, be sure to use airplane mode!

4) Low Power Mode: This is a must have to save on battery as it minimizes data activity that goes on in background and gets you back to enjoying what you love. All apps that have app background refresh enabled will automatically be disabled. With this feature, your phone battery will last approximately 30 mins to an hour more.

5) Disable App Background Refresh: Some apps may ask you if you would like to turn on notifications and gain access to your location to give you access to more accurate content. Turning this off of any unused apps still lingering will allow you save on even more battery life after a full charge.

Thank you for reading.
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