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How do I subscribe?
Scroll down till you see "Subscribe to email updates", enter your email and you will begin receiving news on the latest content.

Will my email be shared with anyone or any third parties?
No, your email will not be shared with anyone.

How do I edit or remove a comment?
Find your post in the topic then look for the arrow on the comment. Click the arrow and you should see an option that says edit comment. For removing a post, do the same thing by clicking the arrow and then click delete comment.

How do you post content on a weekly basis? Usually at least once per week. Please check my Facebook page too for updates.

What do I get when I subscribe?
You will receive the latest content and more.

How do I share my posts?
On a topic, scroll down and just before you reach the comments section, you will see various sharing icons.

What's the difference between the blog tab and design tab?
The blog tab is where I upload posts related to coding and computer tutorials. The design tab is basically for anything dealing with images and the changing them.
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